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Wessex Online Initiatives is a digital marketing consultancy for all your social media needs, email marketing, blog posts and website administration, as well as close working with small businesses and entrepreneurs to help motivate, boost their online presence and free up valuable time for them to spend on increasing their business profitability. 

How I Can Help

I can help with any of the following

Your Own Accountability Coach

Being an entrepreneur doesn't mean you need to do everything! Sometimes it's good to be able to discuss where you are heading and how to get there with someone who understands your business and can help you get there by setting daily, weekly or monthly goals

Email & Social Media Marketing

I'll help you find your target audience, sort your email marketing strategy, and then market directly to them.

Free-Up Your Valuable Time

If required, I can do the routine daily and/or weekly tasks such as Social Media Posting, Email Broadcasts, Newsletters or Blog Posts, leaving you to concentrate on the important aspects of your business

Get Professional Help To Define The Future Goals Of Your Digital Business

The internet can feel like the wild wild west sometimes. Fads come and go, and it can be nearly impossible to keep up with what's current, important, and relevant online – especially when it comes to your business.

It can be lonely out there for an entrepreneur or owner of a small business, and you will be surprised at how inexpensive my services are. So think of me as an in-house 'virtual assistant' to your business that doesn't take up any of your office space. It doesn't hurt to find out more so....................



Ingrid Lill - Lill Universe

“I don't know what the best title for your great service would be. What I needed was an accountability coach, and/or business advisor, and/or virtual assistant, who actually knows where I am in my business, and helps me think things through. And who knows something about tech and writing – I'm not an English native. Somebody who tells me what to do next.

I had been THINKING about doing this forever, but now it is getting done!”

Angela Evans - Authentic Parenting with Teens

“For anyone wanting to get started on setting up a Facebook page, Peter came highly recommended.....between us we did just that, got the ball rolling and I am pleased to recommend Peter for his enthusiasm, knowledge and general kindness.....Thank you again!”

Meet The New Member Of Your Team.

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